• First Quarter of 2013

    Published: 05/05/2013

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    Published: 00/00/0000

    Many changes on the horizon for Love N War Arabians....We are moving!!!
    After 25 years here in Denton Texas, we are moving to Van Alstyne, Texas, approximately 60 miles northeast of here.
    The new place is 99+ acres, a horse farm that has been sitting for several years...there are many unknowns, since we have never spent a night there...but EXCITEMENT is in the air!!!
    By the end of March 2013 the move should be complete....Would love to see many of the horses for sale with new owners before the move...check with us for a deal!!! Geldings Stallions and mares!!!

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  • OHYA (*Piaff X*Oriwia) Stallion 2009

    Published: 05/25/2012

    New pictures and video on OHYA's page. Video taken by his trainer Wendye Gardiner Senter...after 6 months of training.
    He is availabke for purchase.

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    Published: 04/28/2012

    Happy to announce ETLETTA (ET WIKING X NAMIKA) has a new person, Lynne Neveu, of Stillwater, Oklahoma.....happy trails to you!

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  • Check out the new foal, a colt by MS Firedevil out of Alleona, beautiful black, 6 crosses to Forta!

    Published: 04/28/2012

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  • Gdazzle (Gdansk X Fortessa) 1984

    Published: 04/23/2012

    It is with much sadness I announce the passing of Gdazzle...what a treasure.

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  • First of two foals for 2012.

    Published: 04/15/2012

    Alleona had a black colt by MS Firedevil April 15, 2012...Beautiful!!!

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  • New Geldings...3 years old ready to start, plus 2 older and one younger!!

    Published: 03/24/2012

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  • Check out Sartoriusz,reduced price and show details for 2011

    Published: 03/01/2012

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  • Ramses Arabians Several Black Arabians here to be rehomed

    Published: 01/11/2012

    There are 8 black mares, 2 2011 fillies and a stallion (at the vet). Second week for the stallion to be at the vet, Monday will make decision on his future, sad siuation. The black filly was still nursing her dam until today, the filly is in the best condition of all the females, her dam was in the worst condition.All the mares except two got here Sunday, the other two came last week. One mare has died the rest are responding to feed. It will be awhile before these horses are identified and ready to be sold or placed.

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  • *GOREC

    Published: 01/04/2012

    Check out new video and pictures of *Gorec

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  • Colts ready to start!!!!

    Published: 12/08/2011

    Check out the colts (under stallion heading)a couple have been started. Scholar LNW, Escher, Keudos, Copper Expo, Wision, Moun Warrior, Nexpo, Fire Point, OHYA (in training)

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    Published: 12/08/2011

    In training with Elizabeth Brand to start his 2012 racing career.

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  • All Virtue (Virgule Al Maury X *Edukacja) 1998

    Published: 10/11/2011

    This lovely mare is returning to her owner Helen Shelley on Saturday. Helen has been wonderful to lease this mare to Love N\\\\\\\' War Arabians for last years breeding. She is due to foal a Kaolino foal for Helen in April.
    Thank you Helen, I cherish the Burning Sand filly, Sand Token she gave me.

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  • New Videos added for the following horses...

    Published: 10/28/2011

    French Silke, Get It, Step Right Up, Etletta and Escher

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  • OHYA (*Piaff X *Oriwia) 2009

    Published: 10/20/2011

    Has gone to training with Wendye Gardiner, he is learning manners and will be started under saddle

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  • Giant Burning Sand Filly

    Published: 05/25/2011

    All Virture delivered a huge Burning Sand Filly 9.3 HH at birth! She is grey and name is SAND TOKEN.
    Thank you Helen Shelley for leasing the mare for this foal. Good luck with your 2012 foal from her by Kaolino!

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  • Kassahla (Negatraz X *Kassapia) 1986

    Published: 10/04/2011

    Kassahla was laid to rest last week after a long struggle due age related problems. She will be missed.

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    Published: 10/01/2011

    Congratulations to Gabrielle Mann,on her purchase of Dancers Traveler.
    He has been fun for us and hope he is the same for Gabrielle.

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    Published: 05/19/2011

    Posted on Facebook by his owner, Cameron Holzer:
    "Fireflash LNW bred by Billie Glosser has 200 endurance miles in 2011 and has top tenned 4 out of 4 races and has won 2 Best Conditioned awards and 1 win and 2 2nd places .... he is the best endurance horse i have ever owned ...."
    Thank you Cameron for taking this colt where he needed to go!!

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  • In One Month...

    Published: 04/16/2011

    All Virtue is due with a Burning Sand one month, she is huge. I'm on the fence about which I want, but I think I want a colt! I'll be happy with either one!!

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  • New Line Dancer Filly...Mesa Dancer

    Published: 04/11/2011

    Cassels Gazella is due any time with a Line Dancer foal. Last year she had a beautiful filly for Dick and Christine Reed, I am excited to see what she does this year for me!
    Maybe tonight!!!!

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  • Another Filly

    Published: 03/01/2011

    Step Right Up had a Kaolino filly, chestnut and beautiful! Check List Of Horses to see her picture! Her name is Stepka

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    Published: 03/28/2011

    Two Geldings, bred by LOVE N' WAR ARABIANS did the Shanghai Trails (Texas) ride with Cameron Holzer and Meghan Dunn yesterday. Cameron finished 1 st on Fireflash LNW and Meghan, 4 th on IBN Dynamis and got Best Condition. What a thrill these boys are proving once again that these older pure Polish Kuhailan lines have it!!! Cameron is doing a great job with the training, and both girls put the ride on!!! Congratulations!!!

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  • 2011 Racing

    Published: 01/30/2011

    DANCERS TRAVELER finished 1st by 3 lengths, on January 30, 2011, at SAM HOUSTON RACE PARK in Race 1.
    Off odds: 1.10

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  • First Foal of 2011

    Published: 01/25/2011

    In Lightning gave me a gorgeous filly by DAHESS on January 25, 2011.
    The delivery was textbook, she is healthy and strong...hoping she has the heart of her sire and dam!!! Her name is Sabres Edge

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  • Horses For Sale

    Published: 12/09/2011

    I would like for everyone to be aware that many of the horses on this website are for sale.

    The young horses by Lah Dee Dah and *Gorec will only be sold to race homes, with one exception, Arsen G.

    Arsen G is not out of a race mare and even though he could excel in racing, he was bred for Sports Horse, athletics and Endurance. He is considered pure Polish so, those pursuing Polish breeding might consider him for a herd sire.

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  • Arabians Race at Keeneland

    Published: 10/11/2010

    Hello to all!
    October 9, 2010 was a history making day for the Arabian race horse. The first ever Arabian race was held at Keeneland in Kentucky.

    To Quote Mairzy Doats Saratoga's Horse racing Blog, "... thanking the people who made this possible: a trade-off with the racing authorities of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) brought about this great day. You see, Keeneland wanted Abu Dhabi to sponsor the $400,000 First Lady (race). "Savvy," as Cap'n Jack Sparrow would utter: the UAE folks said, absolutely--if we can put on a race of Arabians.
    Everyone got what they wanted: Keeneland got the First Lady, and fans of Arabian horses get a race named The President of the UAE Cup, a Grade 1 race.


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  • Geldings Leaving for New Homes

    Published: 10/01/2010

    Three pure Polish Geldings have left to become Endurance horses, Ibn Dynamis, Fireflash LNW and Daszmir...Good Luck to Cameron Holtzer and Meghan Dunn and the boys.

    Dynamax will be going to his new owner Becky Cramer in Tennessee October 11, 2010. I hope they will be the best of friends, and maybe Becky will start showing Arabians!!

    All the best to the new owners and the boys of Love N\\\' War Arabians!!!

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  • New Website

    Published: 12/09/2011

    The new website has been under construction for many months.

    The results will continue to be a work in process, since horses constantly change and pictures need updating as the foals grow and mature.

    The updates will be on going from here forward...hopefully we will get better at bring the best photos for your viewing.The pictures may not always be the best presentation of each horse,

    since there are too many to use a professional photographer. Hopefully, you will bear with me as we try to bring you current photos of this group of horses.
    Would love for you to send an email with your thoughts of the horses.
    Thank you for looking!

    Billie Glosser

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